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Issue 22: A Parenting Guide

By Jesper MOK (ELED alumnus)

It was six o’clock in the evening but the first class compartment wasn’t fully packed with people. It was calm and peaceful, with tiredness from all passengers filled the  room. Everyone had their eyes almost half-closed. Sitting in front of me were a little girl and her mom. The girl was doing her kindergarten homework while her mom was on the phone.

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Issue 22: Music and the Muse, Poet and the Prophet

By Cedric WONG (ELED alumnus)

How are experiences in the nature relevant to our lives? The Prelude by William Wordsworth, and Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelly describe divine and spiritual encounters with the nature, which enable people to transcend the unpleasant current experiences, and harbor hope for the future. The nature, especially the wind, in the two poems are vivacious and spiritual forces, which bring optimism, rejuvenation, and prophetic inspirations to people’s lives.

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Issue 22: Right Here Already

By Angus LEUNG (ELED alumnus)

Already I’m missing you, misters and misses.
I’m missing your faces, your smiles, your restlessness.

[

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Issue 22: The Caterpillar, Feifei’s Travelogue 2 – Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden

By Renee CHAU (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018)

Hi everyone! It’s Feifei again! Do you still remember the place we visited last time? Bingo! It’s Whitby! Today, we are heading to another place in North Yorkshire where you would find it somehow similar to Whitby as there is also an abbey; however, instead of being embraced by the sound of wild seagulls, the sight of boundless sea, the touch of chilling breeze, and the smell of fish and chips, you would be pulled into Frances Hodgson Burnet’s secret garden. Here we are, Fountains Abbey, one of the most magnificent and well-preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England.

[

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Issue 22: A Letter to You

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 5, 2017-2018)

Hello, it’s me. Do you still remember me?

Are you fed up with what you’re doing?

Doubts pop up in your mind

Like bubbles frothing and slushing in the tide

Now I would like you to pause

And save this moment for me.

[

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Issue 22: Travelling Solo

By Trista TANG (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018)

What if I get on a wrong train or miss a scheduled flight? What if I get robbed? What if I feel lonely and homesick but there is nobody around to talk to? Many different undesirable situations popped up in my mind when I was taking the underground to the Victoria Coach Station in London, alone – I should have joined my friends and travelled in a group. I started to blame myself for making such a hasty decision to go on a solo trip to Europe. I would definitely not be able to survive in this trip. It would be the worst trip ever.  That was how I felt at the very beginning of my solo trip. However, it turned out to be an amazing journey.

[

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Issue 22: Book Review: Never Let Me Go

By Nick CHAN (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018)

One thing I like about literature courses is that they can always inspire you to look at a certain novel, poem or play from a perspective that you have never thought of. As of lately, one literature course (I would not name it, it is not a course review article after all) has changed my perception of a book named Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

[

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Issue 22: Dear Ex-best friend

By Crystal LAM (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018)

For all the people who have lost their best friends:

Dear Ex-best friend,

I have always known that people come and go, but I thought our friendship was exceptional. You and I, we were inseparable.

[

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Issue 22: Brushing Our Paths

By Angus CHENG (ELED Year 4, 2017-2018)

We came as white paper.
Painted with layers
As we grow.

[

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Special Issue: Six-Word Story

Thank you for your support for the six-word story competition!  Forty-two responses were received and the results are as follows.


2 Champions (both received 19 votes):

Search: winter hk. 404 not found.

By Chloe KWONG (ELED Year 4, 2016-2017)


CUSIS. select. enroll. proceed. internet error.

By Nick CHAN (ELED Year 3, 2016-2017)


1st runner-up (received 9 votes):

Doing right. Feeling wrong. Grown up.

By Trista Tang (ELED Year 3, 2016-2017)


2nd runner-up (received 6 votes):

Finding myself in the world. Lost.

By Helen LING (ELED Year 5, 2016-2017)


On 22nd August, Prof. Tang, the winners of the six-word story competition and NETTER editors gathered and shared views of creative writing. The book coupons have also been given to the winners of the competition! We’ve had a joyous dinner at The Harmony and we deepened our understanding between. Once again, congratulations to them and let’s keep our passion for writing! We would be very happy to see you for the next event!

Congratulations to Chloe (left)!

Congratulations to Nick (right)!

Congratulations to Trista (right)!

Congratulations to Helen (right)!


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